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GoToWide helps businesses expand their online presence and assists new businesses in transitioning to an online platform.

Why GoToWide?

GoToWide is a software company that primarily focuses on helping small businesses, whether online or offline, establish a strong online presence and increase their sales and customer base through web solutions, SEO, and online marketing strategies. We assist businesses ranging from small tea shops to e-commerce enterprises in reaching their target audience. Our goal is to transform all types of businesses into online entities to harness the benefits of the global internet. Additionally, we provide support to businesses already operating online to enhance their customer potential.

Do we provide free services for non-profit organizations, startups, or new businesses? Yes, we offer completely free services for non-profit organizations. Additionally, we provide a 50% or more discount on service packages for startups or businesses experiencing losses. This support is designed to help businesses grow, whether they are facing losses, starting anew, or operating as non-profit organizations.

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